Kapow! Wham! Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy.

I’m so thrilled to be able to show off my new cover for my third book JUST CALL ME SPAGHETTI-HOOP BOY on my blog. What a title, eh? And what a cover! This one comes from the dynamic duo: design by the mega-talented Katharine Millichope and illustrations by super-scribbler Carlos Aon. I think both have brought my words to life and that’s truly Adam Butters, as I imagine him, on the front cover. He’s standing tall, wind fluttering his cape and inside his head he’s shouting ‘KAZOO’ which is his superhero motto! There’s a twinkle in his eye too – can you spot it? What’s more, if you investigate a little closer, you’ll spot the spaghetti hoop on his chest. Now, I could tell you why that spaghetti hoop is important. But no, you will have to find out for yourself. That’s another thing about a fab front cover; it invites you on a journey of discovery inside the book. ‘Come on!’ it shouts. ‘There’s an ACE adventure to be had. Join us! Just turn the pages.’ I hope you’ll discover Adam’s story for yourself.

And, if you love the cover I hope you’ll love the animated trailer too. Created by Team Spaghetti (yes, that’s what I’m calling them) this brings Carlos’ illustrations to life. Big thanks to Adam for the animation and Dan for the audio and my other half for… well… I think he did some work on it too so I’m just crediting him! (Note to husband: you’ve got spaghetti hoops for life for all the help.)

Here’s a little bit of background info to whet your appetite. JUST CALL ME SPAGHETTI-HOOP BOY is a story about eleven-year-old Adam Butters who was adopted as a kid. No one has kept it a secret from him but when his school teacher, Mrs Chatterjee, suggests making a family tree Adam wants to know more about his real mother so he can get a gold star for the project. One huge problemo: he doesn’t have any concrete information that’ll help. What’s more he’s not asking his adoptive mother ‘cause she’s as glum as a squashed plum at the moment. Any road up, there’s a special envelope and special envelopes have interesting things inside as Adam discovers. When Adam discovers his birth certificate he finds out he was called Ace and that’s a superhero name, right? It’s Adam’s destiny to be excellent! He’ll make everyone happy, especially his mum. But things go wrong after Adam overhears a conversation about someone new coming to live with his family. What’s more, they’re taking his bedroom. Noooooo! Now is the time for Adam to step up and be ACE and unlock all the secrets from his past and propel himself into a new future…

Fancy reading it? I hope you do. Watch out world, Adam’s story is coming March 1st 2017. (And a BIG thank you for all the Twitter-love I had yesterday for the cover! You, my friends, are heroes. Plus another BIG thank you to Middle Grade Strikes Back for hosting my cover reveal!)


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